I am standing next to my mountain bike about to embark on one of the biggest adventures of my life. My back wheel is touching the Arctic ocean at almost 60 degrees North and it feels like I am about to ride into a scene from Lord of the Rings. Next to me are eight

We share feedback we have received on the top reasons to ride your bike on Kili from those who have done it. 5. Taking it all in from your bike. Being on your mountain bike in this magnificent nature reserve allows you to cover a decent amount of distance while still going slow enough to

There is that special feeling of anticipation and excitement when getting your gear ready for an expedition that never gets old. January 2019 was the 18th time I set out to guide and summit Mt Kilimanjaro 5895m amsl, but this time I felt like Christopher Columbus about to board the Santa Maria for the first

As the rolling slums of Buenos Aries are left behind, Heinrich and I find it hard to imagine what our adventure will bring. Our exploring began at San Carlos Bariloche. The quaint town welcomed us with the most beautiful views starting the moment you arrive at the airport. Strings of specialised craft breweries, chocolate connoisseurs,

THIS WAS NINE SOLID DAYS OF RIDING, pushing, hiking, wading and swimming. The journey served up broken pedals, broken ribs, broken morale, slashed tyres, shredded shoes and countless bruises. For most of the route we cycled in total isolation – no buildings, cars, people or cellular signal. Just a puffin or two… The complete solitude